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Eyal Pat - Orthoptist

Eyal Pat

Bsc.Optom, M.Ortho (Sydney Uni)
Binocular vision and Low vision therapist


A gift is often more valued after it is lost

Regaining lost visual clarity is a very powerful journey for both our patients and myself. That is why I do what I do.

My passion is helping kids and adults of any age regain normal vision using orthotopic techniques.

Once early and meaningful gains are achieved our patients belief often takes a leap. Some patient outcomes have been remarkable.


  • 2011 Driver Rehabilitation For The Practicing Orthoptist, Sydney, Australia
  • 2010 Master Of Orthoptic, Sydney University, Sydney, Australia
  • 2010 Tokay Progressive Lens Design Achievement Certificate
  • 2007 Iridology, International College For Complementary Medicine, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 2004 Low Vision, The Israeli College Of Optometry, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 2000 Bachelor Of Science/Bachelor Of Optometry, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel


  • 2012/2013 Member of the orthoptics council
  • Registered with Australian Orthoptic Board (0211 11/01/N 11)
  • Registered with Australia Orthoptics association (1516)

Recent Conferences

  • 2013 present at The orthoptics conference on the subject Eye Therapy
  • 2012 present at The orthoptics conference on the subject Eye Therapy



Eye Care Plus and Eye Care Kids is a behavioural optometry practice that diagnoses and
manages eye conditions.

Common diagnoses include refraction, pathological diagnosis, binocular vision testing and visual training, visual processing diagnose and management, low vision.

I also perform Optical dispensing and train junior staff members.

  • Visual training – conducting visual training for different eye conditions such as improving positive and negative relative fusion, convergence and accommodation defects, suppression, amblyopia.
  • Equipment – flippers, phoropter, stereogram, prism.
  • Orthoptic assessment – assess the patient eye system and pathways by conducting V.A, C.T, refraction, OM, V.F, RET, OPTHAL, NPC, ACC, topography, fundus camera, IOP.
  • Equipment – slit lamp, topography, fundus camera, ophthalmoscope, visual field.
  • Professional training – employees training in variety of subjects.
  • Optical dispenser – dispense optical lenses including single vision, bifocal, progressive in all frames.
  • Equipment – focimeter, visual dispensing machine, driller, tint machine, groove machine.


OPTIPAT is a private eye clinic, specializing in low vision, RGP lenses and binocular vision

  • Optometristpatient optometry assessment, specializing in the area of low vision, RGP lenses and binocular vision, customer Service, administration
  • Clinic Manager
  • Optical Dispenser
  • Vendor management
  • Equipment – Slit lamp, keratometer, visual field, phoropter, optical dispenser machine, prisms, and visual training accessories.


OPTICANA – The biggest optometry chain store in Israel


Optometrist, Practice manager, optical dispenser

  • Practice manager – manager of a busy practice with twelve employees, customer service, optometry, optical dispenser, company professional trainer