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What is Orthoptics?

Working with children is a challenge task, the ability of a child to develop different or better learning skills on more than one physiological system. Most of the learning skills come through vision. In order to achieve the best result in the treatment the diagnose and the treatment should include the combination of more than one health profession.

Therefore, I would like to offer you my services as an Orthoptist.

The meaning of orthoptics is strait eyes; the orthoptics science developed 80 years ago and is base on proven research. This science involves the knowledge on visual system in different areas such as binocular vision, eye muscles balance, focus, lazy eye (amblyopia) and strabismus. The orthoptist is a trained eye practitioner, especially in children assessment and visual training. Moreover, the orthoptist involves in the management of neurological and developmental problems of visual system.

From my experience with children visual training, in order to see “the entire picture” and therefore to give the right treatment from different angles there is need to corporate between the orthoptist and the occupational training.

For an example : a child with motor skills abnormality and unbalanced visual system will find the treatment to improve the motor skills very difficult ,as long as the child has difficulty to focus his eyes. The hand movement will follow the eye movement to the target. Moreover, children who diagnosed with visual perception abnormality will find the treatment for eye movement very difficult, only treatment for both problems at same time will bring the right result.

To conclude, I am offering you to share my knowledge, ability and experience in order to achieve the best result for the patients.

Please feel free to contact me for any question or to forward my letter to any of your colleagues and patients.

Warm regards
Eyal Pat
M.ortho (Sydney University)