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Vision problems really do affect learning

Vision problems really do affect learning


Vision Problems Do affect Learning


Vision problems really do affect learning

My child was progressing well and then…

Early visual problems
From the time they first open their eyes a child’s sight is constantly developing. From shades of grey, to colours, to more defined shapes – it’s a constant transformation. Often it’s only once they begin school do we start to notice learning problems.

As easy as ABC…
When a child is unable to focus even the most simple lessons are hard to absorb, leading to general learning and reading difficulties. Frustrations then result in attention and emotional issues too, which in turn affect a child’s confidence. Our eyes pass what they see to the brain via multiple social and emotional pathways, so when the image is ‘off’ it obviously affects the rest.

1 in 4 children suffer
Learning problems and reading difficulties are just a tip of the iceberg, and they’re not confined to any particular social or economic group either. Vision problems can impact overall health and development, including a child’s athletic performance.

A question of balance
Visual problems often affect a child’s balance and coordination making them appear clumsy. A visually impaired child may have trouble differentiating left from right too. They could also have trouble with general perception which can hinder development of their writing and reading skills.

Rectifying the damage
Identifying and correcting a vision problem is the easiest step. In rectifying not just the physical damage, but also the mental damage your child may have suffered because of a simple sight defect. You’ll be surprised how quickly a treated child can overcome their learning difficulties and become a star student.

The next step…
As 80% of a child’s learning comes from visual inputs and information processing, the best thing you can do for your child is to visit an orthoptist. Unlike a regular optician, who simply tests part of your vision system and fits glasses, an orthoptist will conduct a thorough examination of your complete vision system and not just your eyes.

Arrange your appointment and free visual health report now.

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