• Look Smart

    Get Confident

  • Solve Lazy Eyes

    Regain Full 3D Vision

  • Mum, I can Read Now

    Improve Your Child's Reading

  • Concentrate Better

    Gain Clear Near Vision

  • Age is No Barrier

    Its Never Too Late

  • Enjoy Life

    Enjoy everyday activities better

  • End Confusion

    Concentrate & Don't Forget

  • Catch that Ball

    Stop Annoying Jumping Eyes

Take EYE Test

What Do the Test Tell You

You can use the following test to screen and help you understand if there are any visual issues that can effect learning or your lifestyle.

3d Glasses

How the Tests Work

To do the screening tests successfully you will need Sydney Orthoptic’s 3D glasses these can be purchased online HERE.

Once you receive the glasses simply follow the test instructions.