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Ambliopia – Lazy Eye

Lazy eyes means the brain is using only one eye and not both eyes. In normal binocular system the vision need to be equal between the eyes.

In all cases of lazy eye the vision in one eye is reduce in compare to the other.

This can be developed because of one from the three conditions:

  1. Squint eye (strabismus) – one eye is turning
  2. Deference in refraction between the eyes.
  3. Stimulate Depravation – something is blocking the light to go through the eye.

Can Orthoptic Eye Therapy improve the lazy eye?

Active Eye Therapy is the only method to improve Lazy eye. The Orthoptic Eye Therapy developed over the years and it is science and research based.

What can be improving?

  1. Improve vision
  2. Use both eyes
  3. Gain 3D
  4. Improve contrast sensitivity
  5. Improve tracking and sensitivity to motion
  6. Improve visual perception
  7. Better in sport
  8. Gain driver licenses

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