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13 Point Eye and Vision Assessment

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Short Assessment Now
Its only takes 30 minutes

What you will learn is:

  • Whether your eyes are functioning normally
  • Whether your vision is sub optimal
  • What can be done to resolve any issue

The tests performed include:

Test Name What It Shows
Visual Acuity How well each eye can see
Refraction Check the power of the eye
Ocular Movement Check the six muscles around the eye their ability to move and work together
Pupils Check the visual pathways from the eye to the brain and back
Visual Pathways Check the sensory ability of the visual system
Cover Test
for distance and near vision
Check the tendency of the eyes to drift inward position or outward check if both eyes are working together or
there is a deviation
Binocular Vision Assessment Can both eyes work together without double vision or suppression?
Fusion Reserve Check the ability of both eyes to move inward or outward in order to maintain binocular single vision
Near Point Convergence Check the ability of both eyes to move inward direction when looking at close objects for example reading
Accommodation (Focus) Check the ability of both eyes together and each eye individually to focus at near, moreover check the flexibility of the visual system to check the focus from near to distance
Stereopsis Check the 3D (depth perception) ability
Slit Lamp Check the front segment of the eye include lids, lashes, conjunctiva, lens and sclera
Opthalmoscope Check the back of the eyes vitreous, retina


Our practice hours are from 8:00am to 8:00pm, Monday to Friday and Sunday. Appointments can be made by telephoning our practice at 1300 794 353.