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Visual Assessment in Children


Young children with vision problems often do not know that the way they see the world is not the way
everyone sees it.

Vision problems affect one in 20 preschoolers and one in 4 school children.

Without early detection and treatment, children’s vision problems can lead to:

  • Permanent vision loss
  • Learning difficulties

Does the child complain of one of the following?

  1. Headaches
  2. Blurry vision distance or near
  3. Double vision
  4. Pain
  5. Uncomfortable eyes
  6. Eye strain or tired eyes.
  7. Difficulty in reading because the words are moving.
  8. Difficulty copy from the board to the note book.

Do you notice one of the following signs?

  1. Tears
  2. Low concentration especially for near.
  3. Different head position when reading or looking for distance.
  4. Squint eye
  5. Getting closer to note book or image to see.
  6. Turn eye inward or outward.
  7. Slow to read
  8. Skipping lines
  9. Excessive blinking
  10. The child closing us eyes from time to time.
  11. Read with the finger.
  12. Close one eye out side at the sun or when reading.
  13. Repeat line when reading.
  14. Tends to forget thinks
  15. Can’t repeat instructions.